Diabetic Foot Cream Featured in LER

Myfootshop.com was featured in the July issue of Lower Extremity Review's (LER) new product listing.  Diabetic Foot Cream is an all-natural 3-in-1 cream used by diabetic patients.  Diabetic Foot Cream treats dry skin, fungal infections and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
Dry skin is common to many diabetic feet.  As diabetes progresses, the autonomic nervous system is affected resulting in an inability to perspire.  Daily treatment of the resulting dry skin is imperative for diabetics to prevent cracks and fissures of the feet.  Diabetic Foot Cream also treats fungal infections with a unique balance of tea tree oil and lavender.  And lastly, many diabetic patients are plagued by the burning and tingling due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy.  Diabetic Foot Cream uses 0.025% capsacin to treat these symptoms.  Used regularly, Diabetic Foot Cream will manage the symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
3-in one and all natural, that's Diabetic Foot Cream, only from Myfootshop.com.