Announcing our New Website and Medically Guided Shopping

 On January 6, 2014, launched our brand new website, and we are very excited about it!

Our mission is to democratize health care by using the Internet as a tool to improve health care literacy.

The engine that drives is our knowledge base. The knowledge base is a collection of over 120 articles that describe the symptoms and treatment options for most common foot and ankle problems. The knowledge base articles are open-source and can be used by consumers and medical providers as educational tools. Knowledge base articles include images and videos of foot and ankle conditions, surgeries and treatment methods.

"Our goal is to enable self directed care by consumers" says Jeffrey Oster, DPM, founder and medical director of the site. "Our clients are smart and interested in learning more about their medical care. We use a patented method to assist our clients called 'medically guided shopping'. With medically guided shopping, we help our clients find the right diagnosis, the right product, the right way. What's the right way? Medially guided shopping."

Along with our knowledge base, can help you find answers by phone, email or live chat with our trained product specialists. We're here to help.