Rewards Points

Earn reward points while shopping.
It's easy - here's how to save;

  • 750 reward points when you register and create a new customer account.
  • 250 reward points for every approved product review.
  • 250 reward points for every successful product referral.
  • Every dollar you spend = 2.5 reward points.
  • Exchange rate:  1 reward point = $0.01
  • Reward Points are redeemable at 3,000 total points ($30.00).

Benefits of the Customer Rewards Program

  • No annual fee.
  • Not tied to a company credit or debit card.
  • Your reward points never expire.
  • Your reward points can be applied towards the purchase of any product in our store.
  • You can manage your reward points and product referrals from within your account.

Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the Myfootshop Customer Rewards Program and to be eligible for reward points, you must be a registered customer and be logged in to your account.